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There is no greater satisfaction to know my clients enjoyed their time during their photo session and are happy with the final product! Photography remains an Art and you are part of it!

Connecting with my clients is a very important aspect of photography to me! I wish to thank all of you who have trusted me to be their photographer and to have allowed me to publish some of their photos on Facebook and my web site! You can also view more reviews on my FB page!

Bonjour Stephan,
Je vous remercie pour toutes ces magnifiques photos ! Nous sommes ravis de les avoir reçu si rapidement !
On a un bon nombre de photos coup de cœur, c'est génial. Merci beaucoup :)
Vous pouvez avec plaisir, en poster sur votre page facebook !
À très bientôt, n'hésitez pas à nous dire si vous passez pas Montpellier !
Alexie & Jean Michel
The Pearl Beach Bora Bora
11 October 2017
Awesome!! We love the photos so much! Thank you for the experience, it was an exceptional service. Have a great day!
Austin & kailee
Private Aqua Photo Tour - Bora Bora
06 October 2017
Thank you very much beautiful pictures!
I love it.
We came back Japan yesterday, but I miss Bora Bora already.
I really had a good time in there.
thanks again.
Tomomi & Hiroshi
Le Meridien Bora Bora
03 October 2017
Thank you so much!! I am in love with them. I can’t wait to show Jack this evening after work.. We definitely will be back to visit again. We started missing it before our plane even took off. I have had several people ask me what was my favorite part and the answer will always be “The people”!! I am amazed at how nice and happy everyone is there. Just as soon as you leave there all that changes, which is sad. The more people have the more sour and hateful they seem to be...Bora is definitely our favorite so far and you helped capture some amazing memories that will always take us back. Thank you again.
Chanci & Jack
The Conrad Bora Nui
26 September 2017
Awesome, thanks Stephan, the photo's look great, thanks again for all your efforts and input on our Big Day.
Tina & Mark
Tahitian Wedding on a Motu
19 September 2017
Hi Stephan,
Let me just say again that we are very satisfied with how relaxed and enjoyable the photo session was. And, of course, we are very satisfied with the quality of photos.
All the best in your future work,
Luka & Ziva
Tahitian Wedding on a Motu
18 September 2017
Dear Bonnie and Stephan,
Thank you for the photos. They are absolutely great! Our family loves them. I just realized we traveled to so many places for beautiful shots before sunset which is amazing. Kudos to your knowledge and skills. Louise and I had a wonderful honeymoon in Tahiti. Everything has been seamless. We are now back to reality in HK and will definitely miss every moment of the trip.
Thank you again for the lovely photos. Hope we visit Bora Bora again in the future.
Take care and best,
Louise & Shuo
The St. Regis - Bora Bora
11 September 2017
Coucou Stephan :-)
UN ENORME MERCI, nous adorons les photos de notre mariage!!!! Tu as fait avec Bonnie, un merveilleux travail! Merciiii du fond du cœur a vous 2! Tu as immortalisé ces magnifiques souvenirs pour qu'on puisse les partager avec le restant de notre famille et de nos amis.
Nous ne manquerons pas de te recommander!!!
N'oubliez pas, si l'envie vous prend de vous rendre en Belgique, nous serons là.
Nous espérons a bientôt
Guenaëlle, Loris et nos parents
Le Meridien Bora Bora
04 September 2017
Thanks Stephan. We love everything you and Bonnie did for us. They are the best photographs we ever have! The aqua photos top anything that I can ever imagine. The belly of a shark - hey we missed it but you captured it for us. I practically forgot my fear of the water and felt like I was a fish swimming in the lagoon.
Karina & Fred
The Four Seasons & Aquatic Photo Tour - Bora Bora
27 August 2017
Thanks so much Stephan! So excited to take a look at these!
I mentioned you on my trip advisor Four Seasons review.
Thanks soooo very much, Lisa
Lisa & Zorro
The Four Seasons - Bora Bora
12 August 2017
Hi Stephan,
Well received! thanks so much for the photos. They are fabulous! We really love it. Please do extend our thanks to your lovely wife and son as well.
Thanks and best wishes!
Rong & Lucas
The St. Regis - Bora Bora
11 August 2017
Dear Stephan
Thank you very much for your pics and the amazing shooting. We had a great time with you and Bonnie and really like the pictures. They will bring back good memories of our stay in Bora Bora. We published a review message on Facebook and on Google to support your work!
Feel free to follow my Instagram Account
Sunny greetings from Switzerland
Chantal & Stefan
The Sofitel Private Island - Bora Bora
06 August 2017
Hi Stephan,
Thanks very much for the pictures - they look great!
Hope to visit Bora Bora again soon!
Ying & Randolph
Ying & Randolph
Four Seasons Bora Bora & Aqua Photo Tour
26 July 2017
Omg!!! These are amazing!!! Thank you, Stephan from the bottom of our hearts!!!
Kathy and Shauna
Aqua Photo Tour - Bora Bora #lagoonphotos #aquaticphotos
22 July 2017
Stephan -
We absolutely love the photos! Thank you for capturing our special day so perfectly!
Here's a video I compiled of our favorite photos - amazing work!
Thank you again!
Rachel and Scott
Rachel & Scott
St. Regis - Bora Bora #srbb #stregisborabora
21 July 2017
I absolutely love them! We are in awe they are so perfect. Thank you so much! We will cherish these forever
Alexus & Dominic
The Maitai Polynesia - Bora Bora
17 July 2017
Hi Stephan,
These are great!!! Thank you so much!!! It was such a pleasure to work with you and Bonnie!
Thanks again!
The Conrad Bora Nui - Bora Bora #conradboranui
09 July 2017
OMG THEY ARE INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you so much! It was a pleasure working with you both! These are definitely great pictures that will always remind us how special our honeymoon really was! Still really sad to be home, especially now going through all the photos and videos! These are all so perfect I just dont know which one to pick to post on your wall! I will certainly pick one and get it up there! We will definitely be back to Bora Bora for sure and when come back, we will certainly call again!
THANK YOU THANK YOU! They are all downloaded and in a folder!
Barbara & Michael
The St. Regis Bora Bora
08 July 2017
Purser - M/Y Party Girl - wrote:
To Wedding Coordinator – Good Morning;
I just wanted to an extend a very big thank you from Adam, myself and all the crew onboard to you and your team for your assistance and for the beautiful traditional ceremony performed for Mr. & Mrs. West. They appeared very happy with the day. Stephan, Matt and Bonnie were a real pleasure to work with and made the Guest’s feel very comfortable with all the photographs and videos. Maki and Yurina were wonderful as well ensuring the Guests looked photo-ready all day.
Given the challenges of destination weddings and months of back and forth discussion narrowing down all the details, I must say, everything seemed to have fallen into place quite seamlessly so thank you!
Best wishes;
Nicole du Randt
Private Yacht - M/Y Party Girl
07 July 2017
Bonjour Stephan,
Nous avons téléchargé les photos, elles sont vraiment sublimes. Je ne fais que les regarder :) . On te remercie vivement pour le résultat !!!Serait-il possible que nous passes la photo avec les mains formant le cœur dans le dos en noir et blanc ?
On te remercie encore pour ta sympathie, pour la qualité de ton travail et la beauté des photos !!!
Au plaisir,
Magali et Lorris
Matira Beach - Bora Bora
03 July 2017

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