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The St. regis bora bora

While a large portion of our work focuses on Wedding / Engagement photography for the many couples visiting Bora Bora, we started offering our services for architectural type work.

While Wedding / Couples photography is a great deal about capturing love, passion & expressions;  Architectural / interior design photography is similar in some respect.  The image must give the viewer a true feel & character of the room /building.  We personally favor using natural light and thus timing is important when planning these shootings.  

Details matter a great deal, we capture 50mp images and dust will show on the images!  Working as a couple is an ideal situation, Bonnie is great with details and often see small things we sometime could miss while framing the shot.

We offer a full range of editing for these photos, from the basic light / shadow, tone, color ajustement but also parallax  correction when required as well as fixing details on the final image.

 For this body of work, our equipment is quite a bit different than what we would use for Wedding type work.  We use a Canon 5DSr which captures 50 mega pixel images, a 16 mm lens in most cases, tripod of course, remote software & Ipad pro for framing the shots.  The Ipad allows us to have a realistic view of how the image will look, this also allows our clients to view the angle and scene selected for the shot.

Our past clients have been Marriott for the St. Regis & Le Meridien – Hilton for the Conrad Bora Bora Nui and more recently Relais Chateaux for the Pearl Beach Bora Bora.

St Regis Bora Bora
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