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There is no greater satisfaction to know my clients enjoyed their time during their photo session and are happy with the final product! Photography remains an Art and you are part of it!

Connecting with my clients is a very important aspect of photography to me! I wish to thank all of you who have trusted me to be their photographer and to have allowed me to publish some of their photos on Facebook and my web site! You can also view more reviews on my FB page!

Bonjour Stephan,
Un grand merci pour les photos qui sont superbes ! En effet, cela nous rappelle de bons souvenirs après un retour difficile à la réalité !
Nous ne manquerons pas un commentaire sur votre page facebook.
De notre côté, il n'y a aucun soucis pour que vous publiez certaines de nos photos, bien au contraire !
En vous remerciant.
Typhaine & Regis
The Pearl Beach Bora Bora
11 September 2018
Hi Stephan and Bonnie,
Blown away with these photos!! So excited. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. We love so many of them. Especially the blue dress spinning shots and running through water and jumping shots. I even love the one of me holding my hat on the pier and the first shots/ dip shots on the hill. So so many to love!
All the best,
Mattie & Vince
The Sofitel Private Island
10 September 2018
Dear Stephan & Bonnie,
thanks so much for everything, you have been very kind!!!!!
we love all the photos you have done..
We will gladly write a review, you are great!!!!
Warm regards
Ramona e Marco
The Pearl Beach Bora Bora
08 September 2018
Dear Stephan,
The photos are A-MA-ZING ! Laetitia (with a "t") looks like a Queen !
I confirm that you can use the photos for your business and the St. Regis too ;-).
Can you let us know when you use them ? To be proud of ourselfs ;-).
Best Regards,
Gaëtan and Laeticia
The St. Regis Bora Bora
07 September 2018
We absolutely loved all the wonderful photos you captured for our most special day !!
You have such amazing talent! I can’t get over the creativity you bring to your work !
I’m just about caught up with my work load and want to mAke an album of our wedding.
Hope you are well my friend. Let me know when your here in NJ!!
Denise & Victor
The St. Regis Bora Bora
04 September 2018
Thanks Stephan! The photos turned out great! We enjoyed our stay and appreciate the moments you captured. It was a pleasure meeting you and the experience was quite enjoyable! We will be sure to link our favorites to the facebook page and visit the store to order additional items.
Thanks again!
Kimberly and Michael
The Conrad Bora Nui
31 August 2018
Thanks very much Stephan, excellent photos and much appreciated!
warm regards from 'normal life' back in Europe.........
Stephanie & Gino
The Conrad Bora Nui
22 August 2018
Dear Mr.Stephan Debelle
Thank you for sending a wonderful picture.
It is a very good memory. And I don't forget it.
Makoto & Kanami
The St. Regis Bora Bora
15 August 2018
Hi Stephan,
Received with many thanks! Still need to download them to the computer, but we love the photos! It was a pleasure meeting you and we really appreciate your help making the day one we will never forget.
Best regards from Canada! Unfortunately we couldn’t stay in Bora Bora :(
Jason and Ali
The Intercontinental Thalasso
12 August 2018
Bonjour Bonnie et Stephan,
Désolée de ne répondre que maintenant mais le retour à la vie parisienne a été difficile... Après 3 semaines dans les îles où la vie est si tranquille, la vie ici nous paraît bien triste !
Nous avons bien réceptionné les photos et les avons sauvegardées. Elles sont superbes et nous rappellent cette journée magique.
Merci pour cette séance photo. Bonnie et toi avez su nous mettre à l'aise et nous avez offert des souvenirs immortels de cette journée.
Bien cordialement,
Mélanie et José
The Conrad Bora Nui
10 August 2018
Hi Stephan, we are getting great feedback on the pics! You guys rock! are u on instagram tried finding you I think we found ur personal profile I tagged. So glad we have picked you as our destination. Every pic is beautiful....
Thank You so much!
Priyanka & Santhosh
The Pearl Beach Bora Bora
29 July 2018
Hi Stephan,
Thank you so much for taking the photos, they are all amazing! We are already missing our time in Bora Bora :( It was great meeting you and Bonnie and we'll definitely leave a good review on your site!
Stacey & Josh
The St. Regis Bora Bora
04 July 2018
Hi Stephen,
Thank you so much! We love the photos and can't wait to share them. We had the best time and cant thank you enough for a wonderful last day. You and Bonnie were amazing and couldn't have been more knowledgeable, accommodating and friendly. We really enjoyed our time with you guys and will definitely keep in touch. We will be visiting again within the next couple years.
Thanks again,
Samantha & John
Aqua Photo Tour - Bora Bora
01 July 2018
Thank you Stephan. We had a great time and the photos look amazing. Thank you for spending the morning with us and taking these gorgeous shots!!
Pearl & King
The St. Regis Bora Bora
28 June 2018
Thank you so much! These pictures are beautiful and you guys made taking them so easy. I can’t wait to go through them and try to pick my favorites but I know I’ll just end up printing them all!
Thank you again!
With love
Jenna and Mike
The St. Regis Bora Bora
27 June 2018
Hello Stephan!
We did get back home safely. Thank you so much for your service and for getting back to us so fast! We love the photos and are so happy that we chose you as our photographer. The experience was much better than we expected. My wife Jessica already wrote a review on FB and once we post some of our favorite pictures we will be sure to tag you. Thanks again!
Ben and Jessica
The St. Regis Bora Bora
24 June 2018
Thanks Stephan!
We have downloaded all images from Dropbox and we can say that we loved your photos. Everyone that we show it also just say wonderful things. The photo at the swimming pool as a mirror was definetly our favorite.

Larissa & Fernando
Le Meridien Bora Bora
19 June 2018
Hi Stephan,
Thank you so much for sharing these amazing photos with us! They're stunning! We're so excited to have such amazing memories from our trip, and we feel that we were able to capture the essence of our trip in the photos.
Thanks again!
Alberto & Danielle
The St. Regis Bora Bora
04 June 2018
Dear Stephan
Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding photos. You and you partner have used your magic camera to capture our most unforgettable and the sweetest memory. We absolutely love every single piece of them.
We will definitely recommend you to our friends if they choose to host wedding in Bora Bora.
Thanks again.
Kind regards
Bruce & Diana
Wedding @ The Conrad Bora Nui - Bora Bora
01 June 2018
Dear Stephan & Bonnie,
Having you for our wedding photos was the best choice ever, we really love these photos!
Both of you are so nice, and hope we can have the second time of shooting with you guys (maybe after two years haha).
Thank you again!
Best regards,
Shalin & John
The St. Regis Bora Bora
27 May 2018

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