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There is no greater satisfaction to know my clients enjoyed their time during their photo session and are happy with the final product! Photography remains an Art and you are part of it!

Connecting with my clients is a very important aspect of photography to me! I wish to thank all of you who have trusted me to be their photographer and to have allowed me to publish some of their photos on Facebook and my web site! You can also view more reviews on my FB page!

Bonjour Stephan et Bonnie,
Un grand merci à vous pour ces magnifiques photos, elles nous laisseront un souvenir inoubliable de notre voyage de noces en Polynésie.
Merci à vous 2 pour votre gentillesse et votre professionnalisme.
A bientôt peut-être en Polynésie.
Audrey & Philippe
The Pearl Beach Bora Bora
26 May 2018
Hello Bonnie and Stephan,
We enjoyed our time with you in Bora Bora very much! Thank you so much for your work in capturing these images. They are great reminders of our amazing time there. Dave and I will sit down hopefully tonight and look through them together. Thank you for sending so many. We really appreciate it.
In the near future I will post them to FB and make sure to tag you in the post as well as leaving a review. You guys are THE BEST!
I look forward to keeping in touch on FB as the adventure continues.
Wishing you all the best,
Brenda and Dave
The Intercontinental Thalasso - Bora Bora
25 May 2018
MERCI, MERCI, MERCI, elles sont magnifiques.
Je ne sais pas quoi dir, c'est tellement beau!!
Merci à vous et aussi un grand merci à Bonnie qui à été adorable.
Grâce à vous nous avons de magnifique photos de mariage.
Mercii !!!!
Elodie & Chris
The Pearl Beach Bora Bora
25 May 2018
Hi Stephen,
Thanks you very much!! We love the photos!
Alessandro & Chiara
The Conrad Bora Nui - Bora Bora
24 May 2018
Hi Stephan,
Thank you both for your time and professionalism. We are aware that you went beyond what was agreed upon, and that we truly appreciate.
Thanks for reaching out…we are amazed by the pictures you sent us, they are truly a work of art! above all, we were impressed by the panorama photo.
Franklin & Ana
The Intercontinental Thalasso - Bora Bora
20 May 2018
Bonjour Stephan and Bonnie,
Thank you so much for the most gorgeous pictures!!! we love them all!!! Steve thinks he is a model now and I had to bring him back to reality that it was because of your skills that made him look good LOL. Your both very professional and easy to work with. Bonnie was awesome!!! had some great laugh with her - girls jokes keeping it skinny on pictures lol. You are welcome to use any of our pictures for your advertisement because according to my husband, he is now a model - OMG! lol.
Thank you again for also being so quick with your work. I am still on island time, no rush back to work yet. If you are ever in Canada, let us know as now we are not just a client but a friend.
Have a great day to you both.
Sophie and Steve
The Intercontinental Moana - Bora Bora
19 May 2018
Thank you both so much, the service you offered was beyond our expectations. We loved you both as people and were so happy to have spent the day with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Raquel & Alex
The Four Seasons Bora Bora
17 May 2018
Hi Stephan and Bonnie,
It was wonderful meeting both of you. You made the photo shoot very easy and enjoyable. We can’t wait to go through the photos. The internet connection in Rangi isn’t the best so I’ll have to wait until we’re home to download the photos. I’ll be sure to write a glowing review for you when we get back as well. Thanks for everything!!
Pat & Doug
The Intercontinental Thalasso - Bora Bora
16 May 2018
Ce fut aussi un plaisir de vous rencontrer tous les deux. Nous avons passé un très bon moment avec vous et malgré le ciel nuageux les photos sont très jolies et réussies !
Un magnifique souvenir de notre voyage de noces en Polynésie et de ce petit séjour à bora bora !!
Jennifer et Alexandre
The Pearl Beach Bora Bora
15 May 2018
Hi Stephan,
It was a pleasure meeting the both of you as well! Jann and I are blown away with how the pictures came out. You delivered some amazing shots and we love every one of them! We will certainly be leaving a review ASAP. Once again, thank you so much for the quality work and you two make an awesome team.
Jen & Michael
The Pearl Beach Bora Bora
08 May 2018
Hi Stephan,
Thank you again for the photos. We really love it! Bora Bora was amazing, and you made our visit even better!. Thank you! Hope all is well! =)
Leon & Lareina
The Conrad Bora Nui - Bora Bora
21 March 2018
Hello Stephan;
Wow, the pictures were amazing!
You really captured our precious moments.
Attached is the FB video I added the pictures through an Animoto video. Not as clear as the pictures you sent us but pretty close.
Or you can watch it on my FB.
Thank you so much!
Lozanno Family
The Conrad Bora Nui - Bora Bora
10 March 2018
Thank you so much Stephan and Bonnie for a wonderful evening and for the beautiful pictures. We are going to go thru them and decide what we would like to do. It was a wonderful experience and I’ll be in touch soon! I do know that I would like a book with some of the select pictures.
Sent from my iPhone
Heidi & Chris
The Conrad Bora Nui - Bora Bora
07 March 2018
Hi Stephan
We really THANK you for your professional service. We enjoy Bora a lot and our marriage was amazing thank to you guys as well !!
I will recomend you everywhere.
I wich you same happy people like me and Kristyna is from your services, have a a luck and lot of healthy !!
Have a nice day.
We never forget !!
Martin and Kristýna
Matira Beach - Bora Bora
02 March 2018
Btw, excellent work ! I really like what you've composed - Raisa & I have traveled together 5x including Bora Bora - we typically take couple photos & single pics of her alone - your work is some of the best we've seen - very good !
Sent from my iPhone
The Conrad Bora Nui - Bora Bora
05 February 2018
Hi Stephan & Bonnie,
Hope this email finds you both well!
Thank you so much for your time and for these beautiful photos. We enjoyed spending the morning with you and couldn’t have imagined how gorgeous these photos would come out.
Thank you again, we had a great time and love the photos!
Dina & Endri
The Sofitel Private Island - Bora Bora
26 January 2018
Thanks so much! We love the photos and we had a great time working with you. You both have a calming energy that made the photo shoot relaxed.
We will let you know about a book or canvas print. And of course we will let you know what he have. Only about 9 weeks to go.
Thanks again!
Jaime & Peter
The St. Regis Bora Bora
23 January 2018
Dear Stephan,
How are you doing?
I am sorry for the late reply due to inconsistent accessibility to internet. Yes, we have managed to download all the photos and they are absolutely amazing. Please feel free to publish those photos and we are so grateful for your service. Please keep in touch.
Fan and Wienjia
The Conrad Bora Nui - Bora Bora
22 January 2018
Dear Stephan,
It was a pleasure meeting you too! We had an amazing time during the shoot. Thank you for making us so comfortable.
The pictures have come out stunning! Vivek and me looked over them at least a few times today and it brought back beautiful memories from our trip. It's so hard for us to pick just a few to frame. We might have to create a few collages.
I especially loved the evening shots and the water pictures.
Thank you for capturing our memories and if we do come back to Bora Bora for another anniversary, will definitely be messaging you again :)
Also, if your ever planning to visit California, your welcome to stay with us.

Ria and Vivek
The St. Regis Bora Bora
14 January 2018
Stephan, I just looked at all the photos on my phone and I can’t even put into words how happy I am with them all. You really captured us so well and to do it in a way where you captured the essence of Bora Bora also. I could not have asked for a more perfect set of photos. My family and I have done countless photo sessions and this is truly the best session ever and will probably even still top any other future sessions we do (unless of course we come back to Bora Bora to have more sessions with you)! I remember the session—it was so hot almost miserable but in these photos you captured it where we all were having a perfect family vacation in paradise—which is exactly how it was! I can go on and on about your amazing work. And I can’t wait to get back home and start posting all my favorite photos that you did! Thank you so much again! It was truly a pleasure!
Thao Familly
The Four Seasons - Bora Bora
12 January 2018

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