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There is no greater satisfaction to know my clients enjoyed their time during their photo session and are happy with the final product! Photography remains an Art and you are part of it!

Connecting with my clients is a very important aspect of photography to me! I wish to thank all of you who have trusted me to be their photographer and to have allowed me to publish some of their photos on Facebook and my web site! You can also view more reviews on my FB page!

Today we are in Papeete. We have received the photos and they look great! Thanks for the photos, and it was great meeting you too!
Helena & Kim
St. Regis - Bora Bora
21 July 2016
Dear Stephan,
We returned home safely and looked at the photos and a movie you sended.
The wonderful photos remind us of our dreamy stay at St. Regis Bora Bora! Rion likes the video so much that she watches it over and over again.
We thank you very much for your kind courtesy.
Best regards,
Takako & Takafumi
St. Regis - Bora Bora
14 July 2016
Hello Stephan,
I just got a chance to watch our video. I am amazed at how talented you and your partner are. The video is perfection & everything I envisioned. Thank you so much for capturing such a special moment in our lives. There are no words to express my gratitude. I'm so incredibly thankful. Please extend my thank you to your partner. Amazing job!!
St. Regis - Bora Bora
13 July 2016
Today, I saw the photos you took. They are fantastic photos I never been taken. I'll show them Joohyun this evening, and I bet she will also love the pictures. Thanks for your elaborate concerns to us during the one day trip. And also for the photo and movie edition. Of course, you may post photos of us on your web pages or Facebook. We love that our photos are posted on your sites.
Thank you so much again.
Best regards,
Joohyun & Boram
Sofitel Private Island & Aqua Photo Tour
02 July 2016
Hi Stephan,
Many thanks for the great pictures, we have received it and are very happy.
We will now enjoy French Polynesia through the pictures...
Have a nice day, it was great to meet you and Bonnie.
Billy & Lydie.
Intercontinental Thalasso - Bora Bora
18 June 2016
Hey Stephan, sorry didn't get a chance to respond earlier as we have limited wifi but Le Taha is gorgeous !! We got a chance to look at the pictures--we are very pleased with them and they turned out beautiful:) Definitely a memory we won't forget!! Thank you for being so kind to work with and it was wonderful meeting both of you. You have our permission to post the pictures as well. Thanks again,
Nisha and Hemal
The Moana - Bora Bora
13 June 2016
I have received the photos from the Dropbox and save them to my account. I have sent some of them to my families and friends who all love them. Daisy likes the one that we stood besides the pool the most. She likes the mirror effect. She used it as the wallpaper on her phone. We are both so much looking forward to the whole gallery. We are going to assemble them into one video which will be played in our wedding ceremony. I think it would be wonderful and stunning. Don't be in hurry about the post-production work. Keep in touch. Thanks Stephan.
Daisy & Pengyu
The St. Regis ~ Bora Bora
06 June 2016
Hi Stephan,
We are happily home again after a wonderful trip. We have just downloaded the photos and are really happy with all of them - they were great! The movie was also very nice!
We really appreciate having you as our wedding photographer and wish you all the best!
Warm regards,
Tor and Kristin
St. Regis - Bora Bora
26 May 2016
Stephan san,
Thank you so much for our amazing photo in Bora Bora! Apologies for our late response.
We just arrived in Tokyo and could check USB files you gave us. All photos are so beautiful and romantic, we really appreciate!
Thank you again!
With best regards.
Pearl Beach Resort ~ Bora Bora
16 May 2016
Hi Stephan,
We're back to Taiwan. And the photos you take is very amazing! We love it so much!
That's a beautiful memory of Bora Bora.
Christy & Ken
Aquatic Photo Tour ~ Bora Bora
16 May 2016
Hi Stephan,
Thank you so much for sending the photos! I downloaded all and really like them!
Best wishes,
Barbara W
The Moana - Bora Bora
29 April 2016
Thanks Stephan! What a nice surprise before getting back to work this morning! We looked at these quickly before rushing off this morning and love them! Feel free to use them as you'd like, we really appreciate your flexibility and your creativity. These will bring back great memories for many years to come!
Best regards,
Heather & Robert
St. Regis - Bora Bora
28 April 2016
Hi Stephan!!!
I hope you are doing well.
My mom and I had the most AMAZING time with you and Bonnie and Siri yesterday. It was such an incredible birthday. I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful day. My mom had a blast, she has not stopped talking about it. I worked on my hair all evening and this morning with some progress but we had to cut it. It blends okay with the rest of my hair, so no worries.
Thank you for the best birthday ever!!!! Cutting my hair was worth it haha.
Brittany M. M. J
Aquatic Photo Tour ~ Bora Bora
27 April 2016
Thank you for your mail, we're back in our home. We have very much enjoyed the tour we made and the photos are spectacular!!!!
Greetings and see you at some time
Norberto, Agustina y Marina Tomé
Aquatic Photo Tour ~ Bora Bora
10 April 2016
Thank you very much for the time you spent with us last week. We arrived home safely. Thank you for the pictures, there were some great shots.
Have a great week.
St. Regis - Bora Bora
30 March 2016
Hi Stephan,
Received the photos.. They're beautiful. Thanks.. I am in love with the photoshoot with the aqua clothes.. The rest two changes may be we required a lil more time.. But they're okay too!
Thank you very much once again. And yes, you can use the photos on your website or facebook page.
It was a pleasure meeting you and being clicked.
Avani & Ankur
Avani & Ankur
St. Regis - Bora Bora
16 March 2016
We LOVE the was such a pleasure meeting you. Thank you again!!
Shequitta & Antonio
Pearl Beach Resort ~ Bora Bora
25 February 2016
Thank you so so much for doing the session for us!! We really enjoyed it, it definitely made our stay here that much more special. You were amazing to work with and we really appreciate you coming all the way back here after I screwed up the date. Thank you again so much!! -
Emily & Joe
Pearl Beach Resort ~ Bora Bora
21 February 2016
Hi Stephan
We got the USB key and looked at all the pictures. They were absolutely great. We love them. Thank you so much for capturing our honeymoon moments. Hope to see you again as it seems that we will be coming back. Thank you for sending the one photo for the surprise for Greg he loved it.
All the best
Veronica and Greg
St. Regis - Bora Bora
10 October 2015
You ROCK Mr. Debelle.....Thank-you
Earline P
Intercontinental Thalasso
25 September 2015

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