Video Services - Capture your magical moments in Bora Bora in HD!

Video is a wonderful way to bring home your memories from Bora Bora! Whether it is for your wedding, vow renewal or following you on a tour, a video is a treasure to keep forever. Having land and underwater equipment , there is vistualy no limit to what we can do for you.

Working with a trusted partner allow us to conduct a simultaneous photo & video session.  This can be challenging while working with someone you don't know (still VS movement, photographer in front of the camera etc.) Working as a team has the advantage to work as "one", knowing what we both expect of each other while respecting each other's field of view to allows us to deliver a quality product.   The duration of the movie will depend on the type of ceremony and before & after scenes but we will try to give you the maximum amount of footage.

The final product will be a HD edited movie delivered as a “.mp4” file of Blu-ray equivalent quality. The movie will either include the original music and audio from the ceremony or a sound track of your choice.

Feel free to contact us for a link to Wedding video samples!