Stephan & Bonnie, we would be honored to capture memories of your Wedding.

Stephan Debelle - Photographer in Bora Bora Bonnie Mak - Bora Bora
Stephan Debelle - Photographer & Bonnie Mak - Assistant Photographer & 2nd Shooter
We Speak English, French, Mandarin and Cantonese
Bonnie Mak, 我的很好助手 她能說 國語 廣東話 及英語

Every wedding is different and unique for each couple. I try if possible to meet or have a phone conversation beforehand to better understand their expectations as well as answer any questions they may have.

A typical scenario for a wedding starts with shooting some scenes in the ornate hotel room; make up scene, accessories, candid shots etc. Shots are also taken on the way to the ceremony location.

Ceremonies can take place on the beach or indoors at one of the resort’s chapels; that will depend on your choosing and the resort’s resources. A ceremony will typically last anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Afterwards, a champagne toast and cake may be available and finally we will move on to a private photo-shoot. Although we can guide you through the resorts to get the most wonderful scenery, I always encourage my clients to think of any special scenes & poses they would like.

This is your day, our goal is to capture long lasting memories for you and have the most wonderful experience!

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