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There is no greater satisfaction to know our clients enjoyed their time during their photo session and are happy with the final product! Photography remains an Art and you are part of it!

Connecting with our clients is a very important aspect of photography to us! We are greatful to have have met so many wonderful couples over the years and wish to thank all of you who have trusted us to be their photographer and have allowed us to publish some of their photo! You can also view more reviews on my FB page! & Google

Hi Stephan!

Oh my goodness these are all so beautiful!! I love the colors and the brightness of the photos specifically. Thank you so much to you and Bonnie for such a fun experience. We are so excited to make a photo album of these memories!

Thank you again for being a part of our honeymoon memories! We will never forget the days spent in Bora Bora and will always remember our time there with these wonderful photos.

Kind regards,
Angela and Josh
Angela and Josh
The Conrad Bora Bora Nui
02 February 2020
Hey! We just saw the pictures, love each and every one of them. Thank you for capturing such beautiful memories of me and haroon. Wish you a great year ahead.
Maheen & Haroon
Maheen & Haroon
The Four Seasons Bora Bora
26 December 2019
Hi Stephan & Bonnie,

Thank you so much sending us the photos!
These look great!! Thank you again for making time to take these photos for us.

Warm regards,
Ayla & Shu Yang
Ayla & Shu Yang
The Meridien Bora Bora
10 December 2019
Thank you SOOO much for the beautiful pictures! It was nice to sit down together and relive our memories of our trip.
Cindy & Nick
The Conrad Bora Nui & Aqua Tour
09 December 2019
Dear Stephan and Bonnie,

Thank you very much for the incredibly beautiful wedding photos!
They brought back incredibly good memories from just a week or so ago and will be cherished for a lifetime.
Thank you for advising us to take the shark shots as well—it will give me and Yuriko lots of opportunities to show them off to our friends and family.
I think I downloaded the batch okay, but please keep it up a bit longer just so I can back it up to a hard drive—thanks..

Please feel free to upload our photos and tell Moea she can do the same.
I will try to comment too when I get the chance—we are back in frantic Tokyo and honestly, I am struggling to keep up with the pace!

Also, looking forward to meeting up in December, and yes, let’s keep in touch.
Bye for now—and again, thank you so much for everything.

Ken & Yuriko
Motu Piti Aau - Wedding
23 November 2019
Sorry for my late reply, already caught up in work again after our return, unfortunately.
Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures! We absolutely love them. The clouds make for a particularly dramatic background:-)
Best regards from the cold and rainy Netherlands,
Jan and Esther
Jan and Esther
The Pearl Beach Bora Bora
04 November 2019
Hi Stephan

I’m sorry it has taken me this long to send a thank you to you and Bonnie. We absolutely LOVE our pics and cannot thank you enough for capturing these moments at our resort. You were both great to work with and it was a true pleasure to meet you!! This was a great experience for both of us! All the best to you and Bonnie-please send her our regards! Take care.
Sarah and Christian
The Intercontinental Thalasso - Bora Bora
02 October 2019
Hi Stephan,

The photos turned out AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for capturing so many amazing moments for Brayden and I. We’ve shared them with our parents as well and they’re very pleased.

We will be sharing reviews for you soon!

Thank you again,
Vanessa & Brayden
Motu Piti Aau - Wedding
25 September 2019
Dear Stephan and Bonnie

Wow we can’t thank you enough what stunning photos and so many we were expecting 20 to 30 so we know that we have been very spoilt . Which photos do we like best we love all of them would love to know which ones you like best . We will choose some favourites to print and frame and are going to make a photo book . When we choose our favourite ones we will let you know . We will definitely post reviews on your links but most probably next weekend as family have arranged a surprise weekend away for us .

Thank you also gor your previous email we would have loved to come to yours for a barbie and we felt the same we nearly asked if you wanted to join us for a meal at the lucky house when you got take away pizza as it felt like meeting old friends .

Are we missing Bora Bora yes so much it was beautiful and you captured that for us in your photos and we met such lovely people to .

Best wishes

From wet cold grey England
Jayne and Des
The Intercontinental Thalasso - Bora Bora
19 September 2019
Hello Stephan & Bonnie!

Thank you so much for these most special photos! We love SO MANY of them!!!! The lighting is perfect, you have done a great job with the scenery/background and capturing our special ceremony.
Renee & Bill
The St. Regis Bora Bora
03 January 2019

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