5 awesome tips if you are camera shy | Bora Bora Photo-Shoot

Are you camera-shy? Here are 5 awesome tips to help you be at ease in front of the camera during your photo-shoot in Bora Bora or elsewhere.

Bora Bora and its resorts provide excellent opportunities to have a romantic photo-shoot!  Here are a few tips to help you make the best out of it!

1) Find a photographer you are comfortable with. Get several quotes but also ask for ideas and inquire about their experience shooting at a particular location. Knowing the location is important, it will make the shooting go smoothly.

While you can get a good idea about the photographer’s personality by email, having a call is even better if you are not able to meet face to face prior to your photo session – It is easy today to be in touch regardless of distances, Viber, Zoom, WhatsApp etc.. It is equally important for your photographer to get to know you a bit too. Also Inquire if they work alone or have an assistant.

2) Your photographer’s primary job is to make you at ease and to coach you through poses and scenes during the shooting. Distance matters, we try to shoot from a distance without being too intrusive – Giving you space is an important factor, if you wish to have portraits, we will usually do these at the end of the session once you are more comfortable.

Working as a couple has its advantages, Bonnie is a wonderful coach for our couples and families – She will assist you during the entire process, she brings her feminine touch to the photos – We love floating veils or dresses, our couples find it fun and she is great at doing it! We wish for you to have fun! This will help us capture candid and natural moments!

During weddings, Bonnie is my second shooter – She will shoot from a distance and does a great job at capturing candid moments.

3) Use props! It can be very awkward to just stand in front of a camera. Use props to give you something to focus on — A branch from a palm tree, a coconut, hat, flowers, etc! We love natural photos, a prop might help bring a natural element to the image without you overthinking.

For our couples, be yourselves, joke, kiss, talk to each other and have fun as if it was just the two of you!

4) We love movement! While Bonnie is a wonderful coach to demonstrate poses, posing is not a given, often not natural for everyone – We like to favor movement! It will be more natural for you, we like to make you twirl, walk, run, jump, flip your hair etc. We find that movement helps you focus on having fun, it is more interesting and spontaneous and you will forget about being in front of a camera!

Photo-Shoot at the St. Regis Bora Bora

Kim & Abe – St. Regis Photo-Shoot Bora Bora

Photo-Shoot at the St. Regis Bora Bora

Kim & Abe – St. Regis Photo-Shoot Bora Bora

5) Pick an intimate spot – Knowing the location helps, the resorts have many wonderful spots – A crowded beach might not be the best place to start! We will plan the shooting accordingly based on your comfort level!

Many couples have the desire to capture sexy photos, again the location is an important factor – We have had many couples wanting to explore a more sensual approach, topless, semi nude, more sensual poses – Bora Bora has much to offer, our full day tour is a great option for these!

Key points:

If your photographer is not relaxed or having fun, you likely won’t be either! Don’t try to pose, HAVE fun, evolve and move in front of the camera. Trust your photographer to be familiar with the location but check it out too! Practice ahead of time and look for inspiration on the web! Do not be afraid to ask your photographer if you have a specific idea or pose in mind! Enjoy the moment and be yourself!

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