#1 Question - How Much does a photographer cost in Bora Bora?

Bora Bora photographer cost, services, packages, underwater photography & FAQ

Bora Bora Photography Rates, Packages & Options

#1 Question - What is the cost of a photo session in Bora Bora?


Bora Bora Photographer - Conrad Bora Nui

Bora Bora Photographer – Conrad Bora Nui

Our packages are specifically designed for each resort to ensure you get the most out of your photo session. We not only establish our rates based on the time allocated for the session and the editing time required to deliver the number of desired images but also consider costs of photography world wide. We will typically shoot weddings and provide other types of photography services several times a year in the US and Europe, thus we are very aware of costs outside of Bora Bora. We are fair and do not over-inflate our rates simply because of the “Bora Bora” effect.

Our packages will start at 60,000 XPF while working at a resort and 55,000 XPF while shooting on the main island.  

We offer many options with our packages with length of time for the photo session, land and aquatic photography at your resort as well as a full day tour to focus on aquatic photography with the wild life and include a photo session at your resort prior to going on the tour. Feel free to use this form to design your shooting and get an instant quote

#2 Question - How many photos will we get?

Bora bora is no place to be rushing!

Mike TroutBora Bora is no place to be rushing, our photo sessions are un-rushed, our philosophy is for our couples & families to have a wonderful fun experience and to deliver quality edited images.

On the average the number of images equates to 40-60 photos per hour, we aim for diversity VS quantity / repetitive images.  The number of photos can vary; some couples opt to change clothing several time and thus it might yield a lesser number of photos.  Most important is for you to be happy!  Photos in the water, especially midair/water photos can be a bit more challenging and thus we normally obtain a lower number of photos.
We offer many options with our packages with length of time for the photo session, land and aquatic photography at your resort as well as a full day tour to focus on aquatic photography with the wild life and include a photo session at your resort prior to going on the tour. Feel free to use this form to design your shooting and get an instant quote

Does it include Prints?

Bora Bora PrintsOur packages pricing is for High Resolution Digital but will be able to purchase prints directly from your gallery. We work with a pro lab in the US who will deliver worldwide to your address. Check out our DEMO gallery

Do you have an option & packages for photos in the water?

Yes, we do. We have several options & packages available, for shooting in the water at your resort or in the lagoon with the wild life.

Is there a cancellation fee?

No, we don’t require any down payment so there is nothing to refund or charge – It is also a rare occurrence for us to have cancellations and thus do not have to inflict stringent policies. You are here on vacation, to enjoy YOUR time and we understand things happen. We just kindly ask that you let us know as soon as there is a change on your side. Some resorts may have their own cancellation policy if you booked through them.

Are you available to follow us during an excursion?


Aqua Photo Tour Bora Bora

Aqua Photo Tour Bora Bora

Yes, however there might be an extra cost from the operator. For this type of situation, best is to contact us to let me know your intent and I will work it out with the operator. We have a good working relationship with many operators and would be happy to give you some suggestions. Note that we have our own partner and a full day all inclusive tour to focus on a aquatic journey, we leverage our partnership to provide a competive price.

Are you rates more expensive when working with an assistant?

Bonnie Bora BoraStephan Photographer Bora BoraNo, we are a couple and we are fortunate to love what we do and to be able to live in Bora Bora. We come as a package cool


Do we get to select our photos?

We have two sets of eyes and are trained at selecting what we think is the best and most flattering photos so our clients typically trust us with the selection. However, we can let you make the selection if you wish. We see no real advantage of doing so and chances are you will be busy once you are back home – That is up to you.


Depending on workload, it typically takes us 2-4 weeks to sort, select, edit and deliver your photos. We can prioritize and expedite the process, there would however be a $100 fee for the “express” delivery. 

When is the best time to have a photo session while in Bora Bora?

This is perhaps the most asked question. There is no short answer but the morning will typically render more crisp and vibrant photos while later in the afternoon will typically make for a softer light with more reflection on the water. This will also depend on the resort’s location, we will let you know the optimal time for your resort.

What is the most important aspect of a photo shoot and photography?

While composition, exposure and photography techniques are important, capture meaningful and candid expressions and moments of our couples is what we seek.

What is your style?

Photography remains an art and you are part of the master piece!

I believe it is essential to understand and connect with my clients and adapt to the situation and their OWN style. Your personality will also bring different inspiration and thus each session can be quite different.

Overhaul, my style is on the photo-journalist / candid side; I believe in movement VS still. Posing is not a given so I will try to minimize it during a session, of course we will coach you through some poses as well.

Which language do you speak?

Being French-American and having lived in the US most of my life, I speak English & French. Bonnie, my wonderful wife speaks English, Mandarin & Cantonese. 如有需要 我的助理能说国语

Do you systematically publish our photos on your web site and/or social media?

No, I respect your privacy and I will always request your permission before doing so. It is also not systematic and takes us time to publish them.

Can we have a "Trash the Dress" photo session?

Trash the Dress Bora Bora

Trash the Dress Bora Bora

Of course, these are fun and we would normally do this a end of the session.

We can capture such scenes with any of our photo packages while we are on the surface and also in the water with you. We also have packages designed to capture scenes in the lagoon with the wild life.  There are few safety considerations and it is always nice to let me know ahead of time.

Do you do Boudoir photography?

Yes, working as a couple makes it easier for clients to be relaxed in front of the camera. Boudoir photography would be done at your OWB, we can also organize semi-nude and nude sessions at some private / secluded beach locations around Bora Bora.

Is one hour enough time for a photo-shoot?

St. Regis Bora Bora Best Shooting Spots

St. Regis Bora Bora Best Shooting Spots

Most commonly couples will select to have a one hour photo session, we suggest two hours min for weddings to insure we can capture preparation scenes & have time for a photo-shoot after the ceremony.

Many client’s wish to change attire during a session, this is absolutely fine and but this is a factor to consider.  Overhaull it is a personal choice, more time means more photos of course but also gives us the opportunity to cover many more of the wonderful spots at a resort.  Photos in the water require a bit more time, we will normally do these on a minimum two hour basis.

Not all resorts are equals, we carefully designed our packages specifically for each resort. We love what we do and are very generous with the time we spend on location during a shoot.

My objective is to always maximize the number of spots at the resort instead of delivering repeat photos at one place. With these considerations in mind, some clients opt to have 2 or 3 hours allocated for the session which is ideal for a wedding.

Do you shoot weddings in Bora Bora?

Aquatic Photography Bora Bora

Aquatic Photography Bora Bora

Yes, this is a good portion of our work along with “honeymoon” shoots. We are available at ALL resorts and when required can also photograph legal ceremonies which take place in Vaitape at the Town Hall. Photographing a traditional Tahitian ceremony is something we love doing, the dancers, musicians, Tahua as well as the decorations can make for amazing scenes.

What attire is best?

The weather being hot, comfortable and light clothing is ideal! You need to feel comfortable during the session!

Long dresses that flow with the air are great as they will provide elegant movement on the photos; colors that contrast with the elements here will make you stand out on the photos. For the men:-) A nice casual shirt is best, due to the hot weather T-Shirts tend to stick to the body.

Where can you shoot in Bora Bora?

We are available at all resorts in Bora Bora, We predominantly shoot at the resorts but we are also available to shoot on the main Island of course as well as overseas or other Islands in French Polynesia.

Do you shoot outside of Bora Bora?

Morgan & Joey - Milford CT

2019-09 – Morgan & Joey Engagement Shoot – Milford CT

Being based here, we predominantly work here but also travel abroad to shoot weddings. We like to spend time in the US East Coast as well as Hong Kong, we typically will shoot in these locations a few times a year.

Do you work alone?

We are couple photographer and we work together. Bonnie is most helpful demonstrating poses, assisting with wedding dresses as well as handling the light when needed, she also has a good eye for details and composition and a wonderful second shooter when needed.

Do you photograph families?

Yes of course.

Do you photograph in the water?

Yes, this is something we love doing, Bora Bora is a wonderful spot to have aquatic photo sessions. Some resorts offer great spots to achieve stunning photos in the water. It is also possible to have a full day shoot on the lagoon if you wish.

Do you photograph maternity?

Yes of course and working as a couple is ideal, Bonnie is wonderful at coaching through poses and scenes.

How far in advance do we need to book?

Many couples here will decide to have a fun last minute casual photo session prior to be leaving Bora Bora. If you are set on having a session, reserving ahead of time will insure availability.

Can we re-schedule in the event of inclement weather?

Yes, I understand this can happen and try to remain as flexible as I can be. We don’t normally do more than one session in a day to remain flexible. Having moved here from the US for a slower pace of life, I also need not to feel I am doing factory work but need to enjoy the time I spend with my clients. You having a fun and relaxing shoot is important to me!


How do you deliver the photos?

Bora Bora PrintsYour images will be delivered as a private online gallery. The gallery will remain online for 60 days, you will be able to download and save High Resolution images as well as a web version. The gallery will also give you the possibility to order prints, orders are fulfilled by several Pro Labs in the US to present you with the best options & pricing. The product(s) will be delivered to your doorstep worldwide. The gallery can also be shared with friends and family if you wish. Check out our DEMO gallery

Can we obtain a Slideshow?

Yes, can create a .mp4 Slideshow with Titles and Music if you wish – There is an additional charge as it takes some work to re-format the photos for a TV screen as well create the movie.

Do you deliver every photo taken?

We take many extra photos during a shoot; it is the photographer’s task to carefully select and weed out images with unflattering expressions, eyes closed, poor focus, test shots, repeat shots etc.

How many images do you typically deliver?

Most commonly, packages in Bora Bora are defined by the hour with the delivery of X photos. A typical photoshoot of one hour will normally yield around 50 photos.

Do you re-touch the photos?

Yes, this is an absolute must; I firmly believe that is any the task of any professional photographer!

Any photographer not re-touching or only re-touching a certain amount of photos does not do justice to its clients. ALL the images selected for delivery go through post-production re-touching!

Any chance you’re able to edit out sunburns? We just got in yesterday and didn’t realize how strong the sun was strong

Indeed sunscreen here is a must, the sun is strong and being near the water makes it even easier to get sunburn.  We do soften sunburns so they are not as obvious, however it is not a 100% removal or color matching with the non sunburn areas (spots. patterns are very time consuming).  To achieve near 100% often requires an hour or so per image depending on how challenging the edits are.  We have in the past done editorial type editing on a single image client’s wanted printed, we then supply them with a quote to do this type of work.

Can we obtain the RAW images?

Normally not, there are certain considerations around this subject. I am not opposed to delivering a few and will be happy to have a discussion on the subject.

What exactly do we obtain?

You will obtain all the images selected for delivery in a digital JPG format. One set in high resolution for printing purposes as well as a set in lower resolution mostly to be used on social media/web.We can also process some photos per your preference, IG filters, low tones, sepia, B&W etc.

How quickly can we obtain the photos?

Our philosophy being to deliver quality images rather than quantity, we don’t cut corners during post production work and do not outsource our editing. Depending on workload, and the quantity of photos to deliver; please allow 2 to 3 weeks. 

I see some photos on your portfolio are lower in tones or B&W?

While my objective is to deliver REALISTIC photos that are not over saturated, I take advantage of the digital era! We can process a sub set of photos based on your preferences.

What does re-touching mean and is there an extra cost?

Shooting in RAW will render very flat images which need post production adjustments to be made. Exposition, color, contrast, reducing or enhancing highlights are the basics.

It also includes the removal of un-wanted objects in the background, some skin softening on close ups, removal of unflattering skin anomalies (pimples). This is why you hire a professional photographer, details make the difference and that is part of the package – No additional cost.

Do you archive and keep a copy of the photos?

Yes, I archive the RAW photos for a period of 3 months and your gallery will remain online for 3 months.

We would love to hear from you! You can use our “Design Your Photo-Shoot” App to obtain a prelimary quote!

Or WhatsApp us at +689 87 277 684 / WeChat “boraboraphotovideo”