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Vincent Lau Avatar
We engaged Stephan and Bonnie for a 1.5 hour session during our honeymoon trip and it was time and money well spent! We shot at our resort (Conrad Bora Bora Nui) in the afternoon and Stephan and Bonnie knew all the good spots as they have been shooting in Bora Bora for almost a decade. They gave us useful advice on how to pose and where to look and we were well looked after by Bonnie. It was a bonus that Bonnie originates from Hong Kong where we came from!
Vincent Lau 1/26/2023
Sadie Mele Avatar
We had such an awesome experience with Stephan and Bonnie! From beginning to end they were calm and directed very well. We were on a trip of a lifetime and they provided great photos for us to cherish!
Sadie Mele 1/09/2023
Natalie Avatar
Great Experience and Perfect Photos Wow! We had a great time working with Stephan and Bonnie DeBelle and would absolutely recommend them for any of your photo needs. We eloped to Bora Bora and wanted photos to capture this momentous event in our lives in a beautiful location, and that’s exactly what we got and we are so thankful. We had a hard time choosing a photographer since we didn’t have any first hand knowledge of the area or the photographers, but we are completely happy with our choice and hope to work with this husband/wife team again. They offer shoots worldwide and have such cool abilities to do above and below water photography, that we will most likely incorporate that into our next adventure! If you book with them in Bora Bora, also check out their Aqua Photo Tour where you can swim and photograph with sharks and other sea life which we did also! (Just don’t do it on the morning of your wedding like we did!) We received beautiful photos AND very quickly after our big day. We are extremely pleased!! If you’re looking for a great and professional photography team, give Stephan & Bonnie a call. You won’t regret it. Enjoy!
Natalie 12/09/2022
Natalie Anagnostou Avatar
Highly recommend working with Stephan DeBelle and his wife Bonnie at Bora Bora Photo Video. Wonderful experience! We came to Bora Bora to have an elopement wedding ceremony and booked a wedding photo package with Stephan DeBelle after reviewing multiple photographer options. So happy we did, We were delighted with his customer service and skill! Ultimately, We also booked another excursion with him to do an Aqua Photo Shoot and that was SO awesome!! TBH- I was on the fence about spending the money on this, but it was so fun and what a cool experience! We had so much fun, have awesome photos to remember the experience by, and it was such a cool and unique thing to do while in Bora Bora! Stephan and his wife Bonnie were a treat to work with and get to know! We are so glad we did this experience and they did a wonderful job!! Cannot thank them enough! The photos are beautiful and the means to view them and get them printed is great also. If you’re in Bora Bora, I highly recommend working with Stephan and Bonnie for some type of shoot. They offer many options and their website is laid out well to explore their options. Happy Travels & Enjoy!
Natalie Anagnostou 12/07/2022
Angela Barr Avatar
What an incredible experience with Stephan and Bonnie from start to finish. What a team they are and really put as at ease as we're not ones for posing, honest. Bonnie was on point to show us where to stand and what to do with our hands. After doing some shooting at our hotel Stephan and Bonnie took us by boat to be best secluded spots in the lagoon to capture our most perfect moments. Stopped for some traditional Polynesian lunch before the underwater shots. Stephan made it perfectly clear that this was our shoot and if we were not comfortable with anything then just to say. We were quite happy following Stephan and Bonnie's guidance, these guys are true professionals in every sense. It was the most perfect day and to say I'm delighted with the photos is an understatement. My only complaint is that I can't choose any actual favourites as every single picture is just awesome!
Angela Barr 11/18/2022
Yesenia Barajas Avatar
Stephan and Bonnie are absolutely everything you need in photographers! They captured our wedding in Bora Bora on rainy day and still, our pictures turned out phenomenal! Stephan has amazing talent with the camera and Bonnie was so good with helping us pose, especially with our 2 kids. Thank you so much for capturing important moments in our life we will never forget.
Yesenia Barajas 11/12/2022
Jenny Sun Avatar
One of our highlights of our trip to Bora Bora. Being with them was so fun the whole day and the pictures they captured just triggers memories of Bora Bora the way it was meant to be remembered. Hard to recreate these with iphone. They are so talented. Cant say enough good things about this. Must book
Jenny Sun 11/07/2022
svana rudbeckie Avatar
Magnifique moment passé en compagnie de Stephan et Bonnie! Au delà d’avoir immortalisé notre séjour avec de magnifiques clichés nous avons rencontré 2 belles personnes qui maîtrisent parfaitement l’art de la photographie, nous garderons un excellent souvenir et nous vous les conseillons les yeux fermés Séverine et Raoul
svana rudbeckie 11/04/2022
Angela Choi Avatar
Stephan & Bonnie were delightful to work with and the photography is the epitome of artistry! The best return on my investment 100%. Thank you both
Angela Choi 10/24/2022
Noelle Tizon Avatar
My husband and I had the most memorable experience working with Stephan and Bonnie. We booked their Signature - Resort Shooting and Full Day Aqua Photo Tour and we would 1000% recommend to all of our friends and family!! Stephan and Bonnie were great to work with and made us feel super comfortable taking aquatic shots with the black tip sharks. We started our day taking photos at our resort (Four Seasons) and then taking a private boat with Captain Chris to explore the lagoon to take over/under water photos in the beautiful shallow water! After taking pictures with and snorkeling with the sharks we had lunch at a beautiful Motu where we had an authentic delicious Tahitian lunch! Afterwards, we snorkeled with the Eagle Rays and then made our way to a part of the lagoon where the shallow water drops off to deep water to take more underwater shots. We then went to look for Manta Rays on our way back to the resort. This day was the highlight of our honeymoon in Bora Bora!! We had so much fun and will remember it forever! Stephan even provided us with sneak peak photos a couple days after our shoot. We are loving the ones he sent so far and cannot wait to see the rest! We highly recommend!!!
Noelle Tizon 10/19/2022
Marcello Testa Avatar
We have met Stephan & Bonnie in occasion of our wedding ceremony in Bora Bora. It was a pleasure to have them to make our photo service and can say they were very professional and emphatetic at same time and it made all even better. Our sincere thanks to Stephan and Bonnie for the memories they gave us in such an unforgettable event.
Marcello Testa 10/18/2022
P Roberts Avatar
P Roberts 10/12/2022
P Roberts Avatar
Wow these two lovebirds perfectly captured the love that Mike & I have for one another & our new found love for Bora Bora. Breathtaking!!!
P Roberts 10/08/2022
Jessica Leung Avatar
My husband and I wanted to do a professional photo session to commemorate our honeymoon. We found Stephan and Bonnie through our hotel’s website, and did a lot of research reading through reviews and looking through their portfolio before deciding to contact them about a photo session. They were very responsive in answering all of our questions and we decided to do 1 - 1.5 hour photo session with them. We asked our hotel to help us order a flower crown the day before our photo session. However, by the time of our photo session, it still had not arrived. We let Stephan and Bonnie know that we were still waiting for the flower crown, and they helped us call the concierge and even went with us to talk to the concierge to see what’s going on. We felt so bad that they had to wait around with us as the concierge was trying to figure out where the flower crown was. Later, we found out that the concierge didn’t order it, but Stephan and Bonnie were able to help us borrow a flower crown from a hotel staff member. They definitely saved the day and it also happened to match my dress! Despite the time spent waiting to figure out the flower crown, we were not rushed in any way. They knew the best spots to take photos and Bonnie guided us on how to pose and helped me fix my hair in between shots. She also helped us with moving our shoes/bags and had napkins ready for us to dry our hands after a photo where we had our hands in the water. They were so friendly and their down-to-earth nature helped us feel comfortable and look natural when taking the photos. (On a side note, they even gave us recommendations on what souvenirs we should get from Bora Bora and which store to buy pearls from!) We were so impressed with the quick turnaround for our 50+ edited photos. There were some photos that we asked for some additional editing, and they were very accommodating and finished... read more
Jessica Leung 9/28/2022
Katrina Garvey - DOC Contractor Avatar
We had a wonderful day with Stephan and Bonnie! We did the full day aqua tour and enjoyed a day of snorkeling, boating, swimming with the sharks and rays, and a fantastic lunch on the motu. Our photos were absolutely stunning and will be great lifetime memories.These are the only photos from our trip that truly reveal the beauty of Bora Bora. Definitely worth booking, and one of my favorite days from our trip!
Katrina Garvey - DOC Contractor 9/27/2022
Sean Bryant Avatar
Deserves six stars! We had wedding photos taken at the Intercontinental in Bora Bora. Stephan and Bonnie were punctual, knowledgeable, friendly and they had a great eye for the best images and settings. They were also accommodating for pics we were interested in trying and exceeded our expectations. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Sean Bryant 9/27/2022
Marissa Fossile Avatar
Stephan and Bonnie are absolutely amazing! Stephan is an extremely talented photographer and we could not be happier with the results of our wedding photos! They are are down-to-earth, welcoming and make you feel very comfortable. Bonnie went above and beyond and even took photos and videos on my phone for me.Thank you so much for capturing our special day in such stunning photographs. We 100% recommend!
Marissa Fossile 7/20/2022
Véronique BUSCA Avatar
Bonjour, Nous remercions très sincèrement Bonnie & Stephan qui nous ont mis tout de suite à l'aise, très sympathiques et très pro. Nous sommes très heureux de cette cérémonie, qui grâce à ce shooting photos, restera à jamais, gravée dans nos têtes et nos cœurs. Un évènement inoubliable et sacré immortalisé par de sublimes et magnifiques photos prises par notre photographe Stephan DEBELLE accompagné de Bonnie. MERCI pour tout ! Au plaisir Véro & Thierry
Véronique BUSCA 7/12/2022
Kate Crossman Avatar
My husband and I wanted some nice photos from our honeymoon and I found Stephan and Bonnie on instagram. I instantly knew they were what I was looking for, especially the underwater photos. We opted for the all day boat trip with photos as we wanted to explore the island a bit and we couldn’t have been happier with our choice. We had a lovely lunch, snorkelled with rays and sharks and even saw dolphins. We also did some photos at our resort the following day. We would definitely recommend this experience as it was one of our highlights from Bora Bora! Our photos are absolutely fantastic 🙂 Thank you
Kate Crossman 7/04/2022
Jen Quintero Avatar
Jen Quintero 7/04/2022