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Lovely sky guarantee $

Even in Bora Bora, there could be times where the sky might not be what you dreamed of.  We always try to be as flexible as we can in re-scheduling a session but there at times (especially for weddings planned long in advance) where we will not have the luxury of doing so. 

We understand this can be disappointing and while our normal editing process includes beautifying the sky, it might not be enough.  No panic, by popular demand; we can offer to replace the sky with a more dreamy sky, blue or sunset and it will blend in and not denature the photo.  The digital age is wonderful, why not take advantage of it!  Cost: $150 per five images (your choice of images)

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Lovely sky guarantee

Lovely sky

Full sky replacement

Professional prints & books

We believe your photo-shoot starts with having an enjoyable & fun experience, to obtain quality images which deserve to be printed and have a place on your wall or a book on your shelf.

Your private photo gallery will of course give you the option to download the high resolution edited images as well a lower resolution set to save your your phone.

The Gallery is integrated with several top US pro labs.  The system will present you with the best options and price available sourcing from these suppliers.  Worldwide delivery to your door step!

Should you desire a book, we have partnered with a designer who does fabulous work and will present you with a proof before purchase.  You can of course design your own via your gallery, it requires a bit of time but it is also fun and creative!

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