10 Awesome Bora Bora Photo Options

Be bold and inspired for your amazing stay in Bora Bora! Here are some ideas and options for your photo-shoot.
Bora Bora Prints
Professional prints

Free 5 images sky replacement if required.

Lovely Sky ReplacementLovely Sky Replacement After

Photography options & Ideas

Aquatic & Underwater Photography $$

Some resorts are prime spots to capture spectacular mid air / water images.  We will give you our honnest opinion based on the resort.  These take a bit more time to stage and thus we will include aquatic photography within our 2 or 3 hr package.  We have several Wedding dressses available for this purpose as well as dresses from French designer Valerie Pache which are ideal for shooting in the water!

Sophie - Bora Bora Aquatic

Slideshow $

We will create a stunning Slideshow from your images, formatted for your TV with titles & music of your choice.  Cost $150 USD. You will also obtain the re-formatted high resolution images of the slide show in a 16:9 format.

Photo Album / Book $-$$

You will be able to create & edit your own book using your online Gallery, these are high quality products printed with a pro lab in the US and delivered to your door.  Pricing will be available online and vary based on your selection.  Optionally, as many couples do not have time to create / edit their own; we can work with our own editor.  Pricing starts a $300 USD for a 20 page book.

Professional Prints $-$$$

Through your private gallery, you will have the option to order prints from a pro lab in the US.  Worldwide delivery available, choice of products will range from postcards, books, canvas, aluminum prints etc.  Cost will of course vary based on size & option you select but the cost remains reasonable for a professional print.

Express Delivery $

We understand you might want to publish your photos on IG right away or might need your photos for a special ceremony upon your return.  Depending on workload, we will edit & deliver your images within 3-15 business days.  We can however deliver a few images the same day when asked, we want you to be happy.  We can also prioritize and deliver within 48hrs - Cost $50 USD

Lovely sky guarantee $

Even in Bora Bora, there could be times where the sky might not be what you dreamed of.  We always try to be as flexible as we can in re-scheduling a session but there at times  when it might not be possible for various reasons (especially for weddings planned long in advance) .

We understand this can be disappointing and while our standard editing process includes beautifying the sky, it might not be enough.  No panic, by popular demand; we can offer to replace the sky with a more dreamy sky, blue or sunset and it will blend in and not denature the photo.  The digital age is wonderful, why not take advantage of it!  Cost: $150 / 5 images.

Lovely Sky Replacement After Lovely Sky Replacement 

Photo Styling

While we aim to deliver natural images representative of the day, IG brought a digital revolution with their filters.  Many people will make use of these filters based on their preferences.  We are also happy to style your photos as per your preferences, just ask!

More Colors Neutral Filter Clear

Editing your own photos $

Everyone today loves to capture photos, many phones actually do a great job and many apps exisits to embellish your photos.  From time to time we were asked to re-touch/edit some of our clients photos, thus we are offering this option as a service - The cost is $20 per 10 photos, while JPG image don't allow the same level of editing, we are in most cases able to beautify your favorite images.  Just talk to us!

Photo styling

While we aim to deliver natural images representative of the day, IG brought a digital revolution with their filters.  Many people will make use of these filters based on their preferences.  We are also happy to style your photos as per your preferences, just ask! You can also read more about our editing process and what is included

NeutralMore Colors
NeutralFilter Clear "IG" Style

sensational wedding option

Spice up your Bora Bora wedding photos!

Wedding or honeymoon shooting at your resort & Aquatic with the wild life 

Your wedding photography does not have to stop at your resort!  Inquire today to combine traditional wedding photography with an exciting shooting with the wild life in the Bora Bora Lagoon.  These sessions are better conducted in the morning and thus can be  planned on different day.  Don’t want to get your wedding dress wet?  We have several Wedding dresses available for this purpose and also have some stunning dresses from designer Valerie Pache available.  Just ask about the options!

We can customize the package per your wishes, 1, 2 3 hr wedding coverage at your resort + wild life shooting – Available at all resorts of Bora Bora

With this option, we will schedule a private boat & captain to get to and from the location.

Bring your wedding attire and we will worry about the rest!  Enjoy an incredible photo session, bringing home jaw-dropping images!  Guaranteed IG love! 


full day photo tour upgrade

traditional tahitian outriger upgrade

Endulge in luxury

upgrade to a Traditional Tahitian Outrigger

Our signature full day photo tour is designed to take you to the best places on land & in the water in Bora Bora for the best photo opportunities.

Available and standard with the tour, is a private classic boat & captain.  The boat can hold 12 passengers, has a top for shade and a great ladder for easy access to the water.  While the boat is simple, clean and has a low draft; some clients prefer to have a more luxurious ride.

You have the option to upgrade to a more luxurious Tahitian Outrigger if you prefer.  This boat is fantastic and adds for stunning photo opportunities.  We will be happy to provide you a quote for both options.