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What should I wear during my photo-shoot in Bora Bora?

Being the number one question we get from our prospective clients, so here is a bit of useful information.

It is most important for you to be comfortable in your clothing! Light cotton or linen works well, we love long lightweight dresses or skirts as it makes for a nice movement in the photos.
We are also proud and excited to have exclusive agreements with several brands and designers!

Bliss On. – Bridal Inspired Swimwear, Cover Ups and Accessories – Perfect for your photo-shoot in Bora Bora!

Bliss On. - Bridal Inspired Swimwear, Cover Ups and Accessories

BlissOn is based in the US, we love this brand!  They specialize in Bridal Inspired Swimwear, Cover Ups and Accessories and carry a perfect collection for those planning to visit Bora Bora!

Bridal Inspired Swimwear, Coverups and Accessories

“Bliss-On is a curated bridal swimwear and accessories brand.  Our bridal swimsuits, coverups, and accessories are designed with the bride in mind and our designer Kat has incorporated all the wedding day details into our swimsuits to bring the wedding day feel into your honeymoon.  Whether you are looking for a classic white swimsuit, a white bikini, your bridal swimsuit or a complete bridal inspired swimwear look, we have you covered.  We have swimsuits for the bachelorette party, the honeymoon or your special anniversary beach trip. We want you to feel just as special as you did on your wedding day.”

Sustainable Dresses from Designer Valerie Pache

Bora Bora Underwater Photo-Shoot

Sophie – Bora Bora Aquatic

We love this dress from French Designer Valerie Pache – particularly well adapted to shoot in the water!  Available to our clients at no extra cost, size small

Lastly, we are grateful to have been gifted many wedding dresses as well as veils over the years.  While these dresses are used, all are in good condition and perfect for shooting in the water when our brides do not wish to get their own dress in the water.

Wedding Dresses Available in Bora Bora

Bora Bora Weather Considerations

Bora Bora being a tropical climate, we benefit from a year round temperature around 80 Fahrenheit/ With our winter months May – Sept temperature is a bit lower in the 70s and typically less humid. The hottest months are from Oct – February. 

Check: https://weather-and-climate.com/average-monthly-min-max-Temperature-fahrenheit,Bora-Bora,French-Polynesia

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