10 Awesome Tips to be prepared for your aquatic / underwater photo-shoot in Bora Bora

Visiting Bora Bora? Here are 10 awesome tips to help you be prepared for your underwater Photo-Shoot.

Looking for an underwater photographer? Being in Bora Bora gives us wonderful opportunities to shoot in the water / underwater.


  • CLOTHING – We have a selection of dresses for you to use but if you wish to use your own: select loose clothing, colors such as white, red, orange / yellow works well in the water – Especially in darker water.
    Try to use a light fabric that has a neutral density in the water. Heavy fabrics will sink faster or will tend to wrap around you.
  • Eye drops can be useful as the chlorine or salt water might irritate your eyes – Fresh water also works if you did not bring your Visine with you.
    If you are not familiar with free-diving / breath holding – Check these tips https://youtu.be/HHwLAlQTCCA
  • Do not wear makeup or cream unless it is waterproof.
  • Think of props you wish to use.
  • Hair pins come in handy if you have long hair.
  • Get inspiration on the web for some poses https://www.instagram.com/underwater.blisshttps://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/underwaterfashion
  • Although Bora Bora is warm year round, you might be in & out of the water – Bring a towel or wind breaker to stay warm out of the water.
  • Shooting below the surface looks easier than done, be prepared to spend time in the water and perform many short dives.
  • Some poses look great while upside down – Nose plugs can be useful if you are sensitive to having water in your nose.
  • Practice your poses on land or in the water at your resort.


  • We are here to coach you, for some shootings we will have an assistant for your safety (in deeper water)
  • Key is to be relaxed and calm, the more you move underwater the more oxygen your body will consume.
  • For most shootings, you will not be required to go deep – In most cases, we love capturing sub-surface reflection. That means you would need to be just below the surface, you do not need to be a world class free-diver! Each shot will require a 5-15 sec to capture.
  • Relax and focus on your poses (again we will coach you), avoid having your arms in front of your face.
  • Focus on your position, arms & legs – Curves look good, avoid having your arms & legs straight.
  • We will practice a few short dives as well as have a few test shots.
  • Do not hold air in your mouth, it would make you look like a puffer fish.
  • Avoid letting air out through your nose, it is not always elegant in photos.
  • Letting a small amount of air through your mouth can look very nice depending on the pose but don’t over do it.
Bora Bora Underwater Photo-Shoot

Sophie – Bora Bora Aquatic

We hope to see you soon, please feel free to reach out and inquire about opportunities for an aquatic /underwater photo-shoot during your stay in Bora Bora! Families, couples, singles and children are all welcome! Bring your passion underwater!  We are wishing you fantastic stay in French Polynesia!  Our Aquatic Fashion photo-shoots are available at the Conrad Bora Bora Nui, Le Bora Bora, the Intercontinental Moana as well as on the Main Island.  Jump in, get wet and have fun!

Worth noting that Sophie is a strong athlete who was most at ease underwater, it allowed us to shoot some images in deeper water.