#1 Beach & Aquatic Photography in Bora Bora Wearing Some Blissful Flying Dresses

Maison de Couture Valerie PacheBora Bora Photo & Video is excited to announce its collaboration with Valerie Pache, French designer of sustainable clothing based in Chamonix France.

We are honored to work with Valerie, some of her stunning creations are now available for your photo-shoot!

These blissful sustainable flying dresses are perfect for your underwater photography / aquatic photo-shoot as well as on land! We love the fact that sustainability is at the core of her creations.   Conceived out of recycled parachute cloth, Valerie contributes her share to minimize our negative impact on the environment! 

Featured on Smith & Gales Magazine

Featured on Smith & Gales Magazine

We certainly hope this will contribute to promoting her unique creations and philosophy toward sustainability.

We love the idea of collaborating with Valerie and using her creations during our shootings! We will kindly ask in return that you help promote her work and to also be environmentally friendly during your stay in Bora Bora. Valerie is of course available to create custom dresses per your vision.

Valerie Pache Designer While we have several Wedding dresses available for our clients, Valerie’s dresses will add a special spark to your photos. While we continue to expand our underwater photography offerings and focus on aquatic fashion, these dresses made out of parachute fabric are ideal for shooting in the water. We all need to be more conscientious of the environment today, not only are Valerie’s creations unique and beautiful but they are also sustainable. Valerie is giving a new life to materials that could no longer serve their purpose. 

Valerie’s dresses are created with the environment in mind by:

  • Avoiding wasting potentially useful materials
  • Reducing water consumption
  • Reducing the consumption of new raw materials
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from landfill)
  • Reducing waste disposal in landfills
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions resulting from production and transport processes from foreign countries (compared to production with new raw materials)

About Valerie and her creations: Valerie has been working with recycled material ever since she studied fashion in Paris. Her goal is to give materials a second life. Some of the materials she uses in her designs include paragliding or parachute fabrics; vintage, industrial scraps or old-fashioned rolls from wholesalers which were destined to be destroyed. 

Valerie is passionate about taking materials from their original use and adapting them to make them feminine or masculine. She wanted to create something that did not previously exist. All of Valerie’s designs tell a unique story. Over the years, she has been featured in Madame Figaro, Magazine Tendance, ALTUS Magazine, she was a guest speaker at the G21 Swisstainability Forum and many more. Valerie believes in nature there is no beautiful or ugly flower but instead each one exists for itself.

Her design process begins with imagining landscape; trees, water, flowers. Her emotion and energy is channeled into each element and a masterpiece is born. In her own words, Valerie explains, “Each element tells its own story, the flower on the lake at dawn, the tree in the water, the siren of the morning, the lotus, lightness… sense of humor… leading to the transition with the wedding dress made of recycled paragliding or parachute fabric : the dress that cannot fly but can swim.”

« The aim of life is self-development. To realize one’s nature perfectly – that is what each of us is here for.». Quotation by Oscar Wilde

Let us know ahead of time if you wish to be wearing one of her stunning creation during your aquatic / underwater photoshoot!

Finding the right clothing for shooting in the water is not always easy, if the fabric is too heavy it will not float and you won’t have that dreamy effect. Picking a beautiful color is also important. With Valerie’s dresses, the opportunities for breathtaking photos are endless. 

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